Winter Window Condensation and Mold – What Should I Do?

Winter Window Condensation and MoldBeing our location, winter window condensation and mold is a common situation.  Mold and mildew from window condensation, it can happen to anyone.  Mold and mildew or window rot can become a problem in your house via the condensation that forms on your windows.  Without proper action the mold or water damage can turn into a much bigger issue than need be.

First, let’s take a look at condensation and why it happens.  Condensation is a result of warm air on one side of your window and cold air on the other side.  When the warm, humid air hits the cold surface of the window, water droplets are formed. These water droplets create the moisture needed for mold to grow.  This condensation damage is not limited to mold but can come in the form of deterioration to the window. The wood structure of the window itself can rot. Wood windows are a very favorable organic material in which mold can and will cling to. 

In our line of business, we tend to see both the mold and the window rot.  We receive many calls pertaining to mold and mildew on windows.  Customers get concerned because mold is a scary word. However, not all mold is equal.  The best attack on mold is prevention.  

Now, if your home is susceptible to window condensation, you may want to look into better insulated windows.  If that is not an option, we suggest keeping an eye on the humidity in your home. Lowering the humidity will dry the condensation quickly which will not allow the mold to grow.  If you feel your home is already pretty dry and the humidity is only on the windows, you will want to physically wipe down your windows frequently with an antimicrobial cleaner. Be sure to also pull up window shades and pull back the curtains to allow air circulation to the window.  Another option is to run a small fan to the area which needs help with controlling the moisture. Please note, if there is already visible mold growth on the window, do not disturb the mold by using the fans. This will simply spread the spores to more areas in your home. If however, it is simply condensation, the fans will help dry the area.

Preventing the build up of moisture will help you control the mold growth.  Once you are able to keep the condensation in check, we suggest thoroughly cleaning the window.  An antimicrobial cleaner from a local home improvement store is the best cleaner to use. However, if the condensation or mold has been there for a long-time and has penetrated the wood-work, you’ll want to call in the professionals.

Our technicians are here to help keep your home and family safe.  If you are experiencing winter window condensation and mold connect with us.  At CCS Property Services we serve Northeast Wisconsin and are a certified mold removal company through the IICRC.  Call us today at 920.435.2288.

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