Remove Ice Dams from Homes with Rain Gutter Steaming Services


remove ice dams

Ice dams mess up the roof of your home.  However, in many cases ice dams also lead to water leakage and flooding into your basement or crawl space.  It’s important to remove ice dams and keep up on preventive maintenance.  The weather we are currently seeing in Northeast Wisconsin is what causes ice dams to occur.  Consequently, freezing and thawing conditions in the weather create the perfect storm for ice dams.  This occurs when water from rain or melting snow builds up into the rain gutter.  Then a change from warm temperatures to freezing temperatures freezes the water.  Because the ice in the rain gutter will not allow water to flow freely, it has no place to go but either up or over.

Rain Gutters and downspouts are used to avert water away from your foundation. Because the water cannot flow properly, it backs-up under your roofs shingles causing roof damage. Or, it will overflow the sides of your rain gutters and creates pooling of water at your homes foundation. This pooling of water with either frozen ground or the saturated ground we have then causes leakage into your foundation.

Remember, to prevent roof damage or leakage into your basement or crawl space, keep up on ice dams. Make sure to check on your rain gutters to see if they are full of ice and/or debris. If you can safely break the ice apart do so.  Be sure to clean the gutters to allow proper flowage of snow melt and rain.  This will remove the ice dams from your home and allow proper flowage of water away from the home.

If you are unable to do this yourself, we can remove ice dams for you.  At CCS, we provide a steam machine and can offer this service to keep you safe. Please see our press release about this service below:

GREEN BAY, WI (January 8, 2020) — CCS Property Services, LLC Offers Rain Gutter Steaming Services to Remove Ice Dams from Homes

CCS Property Services, LLC announces a new service to help homeowners prevent roof and foundation damage caused by ice dams. Rain Gutter Steaming is a service to melt the ice in your rain gutters and downspouts to avert water from the home properly. This service is for homeowners whose rain gutters have become frozen with water or snow which does not allow for proper drainage of water from the home.

Ice dams are caused from fluctuating temperatures from above freezing to freezing and water not being able to get out of the rain gutters and downspouts before the water freezes again. Ice dams damage roofs by pushing melting water or rain up and under the shingles on homes causing leaks. Another result of ice dams is damage to foundations. If the rain is not able to move through rain gutters and downspouts correctly, it will run over the rain gutter causing excess moisture at the foundation of the home. Without proper drainage and with cracks in a foundation, the water then seeps into that foundation causing interior water damage and mold.

This service will help prevent roof and foundation damage to a home. It is much less expensive to prevent damage than to make repairs later.

CCS Property Services, LLC specializes in water damage removal and cleanup services along with mold removal and remediation and sanitization and odor removal services. Headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, CCS is a local, independent contractor. CCS is approved to work with your insurance company and can be contacted at 920.435.2288. Learn more at CCS’ website

For any help removing ice dams, please call 920.435.2288.

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