9 Simple Tips to Help Eliminate Mold in the Bathroom

One of the most common places for mold to form in a house beside the basement, according to Mold Solutions is the bathroom. (Danhauer, 2019) The average adult spends about 30 minutes a day in the bathroom. (Daily Infographic, 2020) As experts in mold remediation and removal, sometimes you have little control over mold, especially […]

Fall Roof Maintenance Checklist

Fall is here again and with a little bit of preparation in this good weather, you’ll be able to keep your home in tip-top shape when the weather starts to change. Between the falling rain, the coming winter snow, and freezing ice, damage to your roof can add up quickly.  Small repairs that are put […]

4 Tips to Protect Your Basement from Flooding this Fall

In Wisconsin, fall is a beautiful time of year but it can also be rainy and damp. It’s important as a homeowner to take precautions that will keep your basement from flooding. Today, we’re talking about home maintenance, specifically 4 tips you can use today to protect your basement from flooding this fall. 1) Rain […]

Tips to Prevent Impending Flooding in Green Bay Wisconsin and Surrounding Areas

As our weather warms and the rain starts to fall in Green Bay, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas, flooding is a concern. Saturated soil from the previous summer and fall along with higher water levels creates a perfect storm for flooding to occur in Green Bay. CCS Property Services, LLC announces tips to help prevent […]

Green Bay WI and Surrounding Areas Rely On Professional Sanitizing & Disinfecting Companies in this New Season

Businesses around the country and world have been hit with a new pandemic causing them to take a second and third look at their sanitizing and disinfecting processes. Some businesses have always had an approved CDC sanitizing protocol in place.  However, others are worried if their processes are enough to keep them legally safe. In […]

Standing in Water from Sump Pump Failure? 24 Hour Emergency Cleanup in Wisconsin

This spring and early summer our weather has been quite peculiar.  It has been a wet and rainy season causing many water damage cleanup problems for homeowners throughout Northeast Wisconsin.  And, once again a sump pump has failed causing its owners damage to the basement.  CCS was called in to clean the water damage from […]

Flood Cleanup in Northeast Wisconsin ~ Call The Experts for 24 Hour Emergency Help

Water is a force of nature that follows the path of least resistance. By finding cracks and holes through basement walls, water can easily find its way into your basement. In Northeast Wisconsin flooding usually occurs in our basements or crawl spaces. Most times the flooding is due to insufficient drainage around foundation walls, heavy […]

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mold Remediation | Removal Company

What questions should you be asking a mold remediation company before hiring them? Get a “yes” answer to this quick list of questions before hiring a mold remediation company to remove the mold in your home. 1) Will the contractor/mold remediation company give you a written contract or change order? 2) Is the contractor prepared […]

Does Your Car Smell Moldy? It’s a Great Place For Dirt, Grime and Mold. Here’s How To Disinfect and Sanitize a Vehicle

Automobiles are a haven for dirt, grime and mold. Sanitizing and dis-infecting are a part of our everyday routine in our home and at work, but what about our cars? Should we be disinfecting our car even after it’s clean. Yes, is the answer. There are many ways in which a person can disinfect their […]

If it’s Hot and Humid this Summer, Be on the Lookout for Mold! Mold Mitigation Tips.

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy those long-awaited summer vacations, summer gardens, campfires, and outdoor adventures. On the other hand, the hot and humid weather also invites unwanted visitors into your home, like mold. Yes, summer is the perfect invitation for mold to form in your home, and if you’re on vacation, away from […]

What 3 Things To Do Immediately When You Come Home to a Flood

CCS Property Service Experts Explain What 3 Things To Do Immediately When You Come Home to a Flood An unforeseen event has happened. You’ve had a flood in your home while you were away. There is significant damage to your property. Now what? As a construction company that deals with these occurrences, hundreds of times […]

Wisconsin Water Damage Cleanup and Your Insurance Policy – What You Need To Know by Water Damage Remediation Experts

Is water damage covered by my insurance policy?  Today Jamie discusses water damage cleanup and your insurance policy.  Because of our location, we can only speak to what we see in the state of Wisconsin.  Most insurance policies do not cover water intrusion through a leaky basement wall or if a sump pump fails. A […]

Get Smart: 4 Ways To Prevent Water Damage From Happening In Your Home.

“I enjoy dealing with water damage in my home”, said no homeowner, ever. As a water, fire, and mold remediation company, CCS Property Services, encounters hundreds of water-damaged homes every year, and most of the time the calls we receive are urgent because of the significance of damage to the home. Incidentally, we also believe […]

Combat Excessive Moisture in Your Home or Business to Fight Mold: Mold Remediation Experts Advice

Condensation is a very common issue for home and business owners.  Today we tackle how to combat excessive moisture in your home, business, and rental complexes, based on questions we regularly get asked. By combating this excessive moisture, you will cut down on the possibility of mold growth. CCS Property Services are experts in the […]

Stop Mold Before It Starts! The Big Word “Mitigation”.

Stop Mold Before it Starts! At CCS Property Services of Northeast, Wisconsin we believe in helping home owners prevent mold before it starts.  A home-owner can take action by putting into place simple steps to prevent mold growth. CCS Property Services can help mitigate mold in any business or home.  The saying, “An ounce of […]

Your Home Inspection Found Mold – Now What? Here’s What You Need To Do.

Are you in the process of buying or selling a home? Has the home inspection found mold? The word mold stirs a lot of emotion especially when you’re looking to buy or sell. For a home seller, they may feel disappointment or scared that the home they own will not sell. It can also conjure […]

Top Three Reasons for Mold in Your Home and How To Mitigate It

The top three reasons for mold in your home? A simple way to remember what makes mold form are these three letters, WWW.  Water, Wet and Warm. Mold typically will start to form when you have these three simple elements. If you don’t have water, you don’t have mold. Mold also likes to attach itself […]

Mold Testing Services Available Free of Charge in Wisconsin

Does the thought of mold in your home or business send chills up and down your spine?  Do you see or smell mold in your home or business?  Is the humidity level 60% or higher?  Is someone in the home or at work getting sick and can’t quite determine what it is?  If the answer […]

Cold and Flu Season Stay Healthy – Disinfect Your Whole House or Office today

Whole House Disinfecting by CCS Properties We all know the importance of keeping surfaces disinfected especially during cold and flu season – actually anytime of the year, as you never know what viruses will pop-up.  Disinfecting wipes are a good method of cleaning those common surfaces. However, to take disinfecting to a new level, would […]

Preventing Mold Growth in the Winter

As colder temperatures appear and winter starts to settle in for those of us in the north, many people believe that mold issues disappear.  To the contrary, mold is a year round fungus and loves temperatures between 60-80 degrees.  Moisture and organic material also need to be present for the fungi to grow.  In homes […]

What is Mold Abatement, Mold Removal and/or Mold Remediation?

Abatement means the ending, reduction, or lessening of something. With that definition, Mold Abatement means the ending of mold or removing mold from your home or business. Remediation means the action of remedying something, in particular of reversing or stopping environmental damage. When we use the terms mold abatement, mold removal or mold remediation, we […]

When should you get a Professional Mold Inspection?

There is a time when you can handle the mold in your home and a time when it’s gone too far and there is a need to call in a professional. The information below will help you decide when you should get a professional mold inspection for your home. First, consider having a professional mold […]

Wondering what to do when you have mold on your house siding? Here’s the answer

There are many reasons you might have mold on your house siding. It’s been raining and wet, and if you’re siding in a particular area of your house, may not get enough sunlight, this could be one reason mold forms. If there are trees or bushes that shade part of your home, it might be […]

Disinfecting High Contact Surfaces

Sanitizing and Disinfecting High Contact Surfaces Based on the information we know, disinfecting high-contact surfaces is a huge step to prevent the spread of germs.  However, this is not a complete solution.  Microorganisms are killed by surface disinfectants but this defense does not last.  Surfaces can easily be recontaminated as soon as anyone who has […]

Holiday Hours for CCS Property Services – Yes, We’re OPEN

  From all of us at CCS Property Services, we wish each and everyone of you a blessed Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.  This past year has been a tough one for many different reasons and we hope this note finds you well.   We want to thank all of our customers that we’ve […]

Mold and Water Cleanup and Covid-19 Protecting You & Your Family

We understand that times are different but we’ve been trained for situations just like this.  We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to help you in any water damage situation (flooding, broken pipe, sump pump failure, etc.)  Mold and Water Cleanup should never stop.  It’s important to keep your family safe from unhealthy […]

How to Deep Clean – Sanitize Your Business Quicker in 2022.

Deep Cleaning with Sanitizing and Disinfecting. When we receive calls from potential customers on sanitizing and disinfecting, the first question is usually, “Do I need to deep clean?” CCS Property Services, provides sanitation services to your building so that your employees can continue to work on what they know best, while we provide what you […]

Disinfecting and Sanitizing Your Business

Disinfecting and Sanitizing Your Business is a real concern at any time but especially in light of Covid-19.  As a business owner, you’ve got a lot on your shoulders. We all know the drill…… wash hands social distance protect the most vulnerable people But as the world emerges from the world of Covid-19, we face […]

Winter Window Condensation and Mold – What Should I Do?

Being our location, winter window condensation and mold is a common situation.  Mold and mildew from window condensation, it can happen to anyone.  Mold and mildew or window rot can become a problem in your house via the condensation that forms on your windows.  Without proper action the mold or water damage can turn into […]

Remove Ice Dams from Homes with Rain Gutter Steaming Services

  Ice dams mess up the roof of your home.  However, in many cases ice dams also lead to water leakage and flooding into your basement or crawl space.  It’s important to remove ice dams and keep up on preventive maintenance.  The weather we are currently seeing in Northeast Wisconsin is what causes ice dams […]

Odor Removal and Deodorization

As experts in odor removal and deodorization, CCS technicians are trained to identify and eliminate bad odors from the home. These odors can come from a number of sources both inside and outside a building. But what causes odors to begin with? Let’s start with the definition of odor from wikipedia which tells us what […]

Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests by Preventing and Removing Mold, Fire, Odor and Water

Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests! As we get ready for the Season of Giving, many of us will have family and friends descend to our homes. And you know, Murphy’s Law of what can go wrong will! This year, make sure you’re prepared with these fix-ups and preventative maintenance tasks to help take Murphy […]

Alleviating Bathroom Shower Mold: Here’s a Checklist

Mold, black spots, greenish brown spots, it’s the stuff nightmares are made of. In every home there comes a time when a person may see mold in their bathroom shower. About 20% of the calls we receive at CCS Property Service are questions on what to do with mold in the bathroom shower. The bad […]

Professional Odor Neutralizer

Many of us suffer with odors in the home, from cooking with exotic spices, to pets, to cigarette odor to mold and mildew. And although we may become desensitized to those odors, people visiting our homes are not. There are many products that a homeowner can use to mask the odor for a little while. […]

Sump Pump Failures Happen – Are You Covered in Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

The sump pump is the number one most problematic area in a home.  Why? Because sump pumps fail and when they do it’s when you need them the most.  Sump pumps fail like all mechanical equipment will do. Today we share how to prepare and offer preventive methods to keep your basement from flooding. At […]

Protecting Your Cabin, Lake Home or Cottage in Wisconsin from Mold

Cabin Mold – Do you have a Lake Home, Lake Cottage, or Cabin?  Is Mold a Concern? Spring is here and this is the time of year when people start to open up their lake cottages, homes or cabins. If your lake home, lake cottage or cabin was closed properly and free from damage or […]

Preparing for Spring Storms in Northeast Wisconsin

Spring storms in Northeast Wisconsin…This season we’ve already had one bout of spring thaw and rain causing flooding and water damage to homes and businesses in Northeast Wisconsin.  Today we focus on preparing for spring storms.  We know we are unable to control mother nature but we definitely can plan for it.  After all, spring […]

Keeping Your Basement Dry in Spring

Keeping your basement dry in spring is an important chore for homeowners.  The function of rain gutters and downspouts is so that when water (rain or melting snow) hits your roof it flows down into the rain gutter and into the downspout.  The downspout  then carries the water away from the foundation of your house by […]

Roof Ice Dams Occurring Right Now in Wisconsin

Roof Ice Dams are happening right now in Wisconsin due to the weather. We have freezing temps but we are starting to warm up above the freezing mark during the daytime. At this point with the freezing and thawing temps most homeowners have ice in their rain gutters and downspouts. The snow and ice will […]

Sprinkler Pipe Freezes & Breaks Causing Flooding in Green Bay

Old man winter has hit Wisconsin pretty hard this year. Recently with the freezing weather, we were called into an apartment building where a sprinkler pipe froze and broke. This created a major catastrophe for the tenants and landlord. The broken sprinkler pipe flooded one upstairs apartment which then led to water leaking down the […]

Pets and Mold – Can They Get Sick From Mold Too?

Pets and Mold!  Most of us understand that mold can make people sick but did you know that mold can also make your pets sick? Yes, exposure to household mold can make your pets sick, too. Since pets are typically smaller than their adult human owners, the exposure to mold can make them sick faster […]

Northeast Wisconsin Prepares for Bitter Cold; Keeping Pipes from Freezing

Northeast Wisconsin Prepares for Bitter Cold this week. We all know that when the weather turns this cold, the chances of freezing pipes and mechanical breakdowns increases 10 fold. Here are some practical tips for folks in Northeast Wisconsin to keep their pipes from freezing. The first simple tip is to keep the cabinet doors […]

The Best Home Maintenance Tasks to Tackle in January

It’s time for a new start, it’s a new year!  If you celebrate the holidays, this is the time you start to put away the holiday decorations. It’s also a great time to tackle some home maintenance tasks. As a homeowner it’s best to stay on top of any repairs that may be needed.  By […]

Winter Mold in Wisconsin – Is Mold an Issue in the Winter?

Is mold an issue in the winter or only during the summer months in Wisconsin? In our line of business, we see mold year-round. Winter mold is caused by the same elements that cause mold other times of the year (moisture, warmth, and food source). However, people with sensitivities to mold can find that it […]

Protect Your Home from Mold Growth

If you’ve followed any of our previous posts or looked around our website, you’ll know that mold is everywhere. You’ll also know that mold needs moisture and organic material (food) for growth. Today, we’ll identify five areas where mold can commonly grow. By knowing these areas you can take the proper steps, to protect your […]

Mold the Silent Invader

Mold can grow in as little as 48 hours. Because growth can happen so quickly, mold can become an issue in your home or business when there’s high humidity. Mold causes damage to your property and can cause significant health issues to you and your family if not handled properly. Mold the silent invader grows […]

Basement Water Issues

With all the rain we’ve received in the last few weeks and moisture in the air, now is the time to keep your eye on your basement. For some people, they have been hit with actual flooding in their basement. For others, it could be just extra dampness from the rain soaking into the ground. […]

Who to Call for a Flooded Basement

Heavy rains caused flooded basements in Northeast Wisconsin, Green Bay and Appleton in late August and early September. When this happens, water in the basement causes damage to materials and contents and if not properly taken care of will result in mold growth. Quick action and learning who to call for a flooded basement can […]

Mold Encapsulation

What is mold encapsulation? Mold encapsulation; what does it mean when a mold removal company says that they need to encapsulate mold in your home or business? Encapsulation is the process of enclosing something in. For our purposes, it is about enclosing or sealing off mold on a moldy surface that could not be fully […]

8 Water Damage Restoration Tips

Water Damage a cringe worthy phrase…if you find yourself in a situation where water damage has occurred and there is flooding in your home or business, these 8 Water Damage Restoration Tips will help you start the process of remediating your situation. 1) Find the Source Find the source causing the water damage. If it […]

Mold Removal and Remediation Jobs in Wisconsin

One of our latest mold removal and remediation jobs in Wisconsin was to help a homeowner who is planning to sell their home. The homeowner wanted to have the mold removed and remediated before the home went on the market. In this case, the property had some minor mold issues in the basement. Process Used […]

Proper Attic Venting to Prevent Mold Growth

One of the most common phone calls we receive in regards to mold in a home is for mold in the attic or mold in the basement.  Proper attic venting is crucial to prevent mold growth in the attic.  Recently we were called out to a home in the Appleton area where a home inspection turned […]

I Don’t Know Why I Have Mold?

Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive when people call us about mold removal, remediation and cleanup is, “I don’t know why I have mold?” Mold comes in many different forms and is around us in the air. There is no escaping mold but there are certain steps you can take to prevent […]

Water Damage or Sewer Backups Happen – Fast Action to Cleanup is the Key

Water damage, sewer backups, these are the plights all homeowners may face at one time or another. Recently CCS Property Services was called to a water emergency at a home located in the Green Bay area. Luckily for the homeowner, this was caught very early.  Cleanup was fast and the job was much easier to […]

Helping Home Buyers and Sellers Get the Best Real Estate Agents

In our line of work, we work with a lot of homeowners along with many real estate agents.  CCS works with some of the best real estate agents around.  We found this article in the Green Bay Press Gazette on Sunday, April 15th and thought it would be a nice one to share with homeowners […]

Removing Mold from a Wall in a Water Damaged Property

It happens, a water pipe burst, a seal on a water line breaks and the flooding begins.  When a property is left vacant for any number of reasons, and a water leak happens, this becomes disastrous. CCS Property Services shares one such property and the work they’ve been doing to remedy the homes current situation. […]

Emergency Water Extraction and Drying in Green Bay and the Surrounding Areas

Pipes breaking in a home or business can be a nightmare for the owner. Recently, we were called to handle an emergency water extraction and drying in the Green Bay area. Upon arrival, we entered the home to find standing water. As you can see from the photos below, the burst pipes really did a […]

Mold Prevention – Where to Check for Mold in Your Home

Tips for Keeping Mold Away Mold can grow in a number of places in your home; some areas are pretty obvious while others may be the farthest from your mind.  Mold prevention is accomplished with thorough inspections of all areas of your home on a regular basis. It only takes 24 to 48 hours for […]


HEPA FILTERS AND WHY CCS PROPERTIES USES THEM Sometimes we receive questions about the equipment we use when we are working on the mold removal and remediation process.  One of the items that we use is a Dri-Eaz HEPA 500 air filtration system.  This system uses a three-stage air filtration process.  The HEPA 500 passes […]

Mold Testing and Mold Assessments in Wisconsin

Mold Testing and Mold Assessments in Wisconsin with CCS Property Services. Today Jamie shares how CCS conducts mold testing and mold assessments in Wisconsin.  If you see or smell mold in your home, a test doesn’t need to be done, you already have mold.  If however, there is some reason we have to do a […]

Black Mold Remediation

When someone mentions black mold, our minds typically think toxic mold and this is a scary topic. But the first thing you need to know is that not all black mold is toxic. A common misconception is that all black mold is toxic and will get even the healthiest person sick. Toxic mold can really […]

Fire Damage Repair and Fire Restoration

How does a company handle fire damage repair and fire restoration? At CCS Property Services, we’re here to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Many times after the fire department near you responds to a fire at your home or business, there can be a lot of damage. It’s overwhelming and […]

Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips

Thanksgiving Day accounts for 3x as many fires as any other given day of the year.  With more fires starting on Thanksgiving Day, we wanted to share some Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips to keep you and your loved ones safe. Most home fires start in the kitchen over any other room in the house.  So […]

5 Common Sources of Excessive Indoor Moisture

There are a number of items that cause moisture inside the home. Some of those depend on the geographical area the home is located and others depend on the time of year. Preventing excessive indoor moisture will prevent mold from growing in your home. Today we look at 5 common sources of excessive indoor moisture. […]

Mold Remediation in Wisconsin

The thought of mold growing in your home can be a scary thought. But, did you know that mold is all around us? There is mold everywhere and once you can understand what it is and how it grows, you can learn how to prevent it. Mold requires three things: mold spores, moisture, and an […]

5 Most Common Causes of Home Fires and How to Prevent Them

House fires are very scary for a homeowner and its residents. Besides the fact of possibly losing a loved one, home fires also cause billions of dollars in damages each year and many of them can be prevented. According to insurance companies and the National Fire Protection Association, the 5 most common causes of home […]

It’s time to check your insurance policy – flooded basements and water damage

Spring time in Wisconsin is ripe for flooded basements. The water tables are high due to the rain and that means sump pumps are running full speed ahead to keep up. Most times out of the year your sump pump isn’t running and it is able to sit idly without having to work too hard. […]

Grilling Season – Keeping Yourself, Your Family and Property Safe

It’s Grilling Season or if your like a lot of us, maybe you grill all year long.  But are your grilling safety habits in check?  Over 8,900 home fires are started due to poor grilling safety.  This grilling season, it’s important to keep yourself, your family and your property safe.  Below is a video from […]

Personal Safety During Mold Remediation

By Matthew Yurina, Mold Inspector/Remediator How do I protect myself from mold? Mold remediation protection is important. The first Principle of Mold Remediation according to the IICRC regards Safety and Health. The full range of effects that mold exposure can have on humanity is unknown, and isn’t something that can ever really be understood in […]