Top Three Reasons for Mold in Your Home and How To Mitigate It

Top Three Reasons for Mold in Your Home

The top three reasons for mold in your home? A simple way to remember what makes mold form are these three letters, WWW.  Water, Wet and Warm. Mold typically will start to form when you have these three simple elements. If you don’t have water, you don’t have mold. Mold also likes to attach itself to surfaces. Finally, mold doesn’t like it cold, it thrives in temperatures between 77° and 86° F. Let’s talk about these mold ingredients and measures you can take to eliminate mold in your home.


In a home, you will tend to see mold in places where there is moisture, that means water issues such as leaky roofs, windows or pipes. Mold can also grow on ceiling tiles, wood substrates, insulation, drywall, carpeting and even on paper substances like wallpaper. These are some of the first places that CCS Property looks for mold when we are called to remove mold in a home. We find and correct the mold source. Utilizing our training, the mold is removed in that process, the surface is remediated and the client is left with a surface that is not conducive to future mold growth.


Water doesn’t necessarily mean mold. Experiencing a flood in your basement also doesn’t mean mold. If you dry carpets, walls and structures adequately and quickly, mold doesn’t have a chance to start. The mold is taken out, and the environment is controlled so the mold won’t grow back. After removing the mold, our specialists coat the surface with an antimicrobial film that contains a safe bacteria-blocking agent. Mold can form in just 48 hours, so your window of time is short and with CCP Property Services 24-hour emergency water extraction capabilities, this is an assurance that mold will not be an issue in your home.


Mold prefers a certain temperature, typically between 77° and 86° F. According to an article found on Vivint, the standard temperature for a home is 68° to 76° degrees Fahrenheit. Mold prefers a slightly warmer environment. To ensure the temperature and humidity levels in your home are a deterrent to mold, humidity gauges are readily available at your local home improvement store.


According to an article, Mold: Causes, Health Effects and Clean-Up, “Don’t test for mold. If you see it or smell it you have it.” (Lstiburek, Ph.D., P.Eng et al., 2002) Just remember that getting rid of mold is just as important as finding the source to your mold problem. Unsure if you have mold? CCS Property Services offers a free mold inspection, and can guide you through the process of removing the mold, and fixing the source of the mold. Don’t take care of and you may be dealing with more mold and other issues down the line.


In summary, remember the three ingredients to mold: water, wet and warm. If mold makes an unwanted visit to your home, give the mold experts a call at CCS Property Services. We help mitigate mold in homes and commercial buildings. We’ll not only take care of the mold clean-up, but we’ll also find the source and fix that leaky window, roof, or pipes with our construction services. CCS Property makes it easy. It only takes one phone call and your mold issues will be gone.