Wisconsin Water Damage Cleanup and Your Insurance Policy – What You Need To Know by Water Damage Remediation Experts

Is water damage covered by my insurance policy?  Today Jamie from CCS Property discusses water damage cleanup and your insurance policy.  Because of our location, we can only speak to what we see in the state of Wisconsin.  Most insurance policies do not cover water intrusion through a leaky basement wall or if a sump pump fails. When you hire CCS Property Services, you are hiring an expert. CCS Property Services works for the client, not the insurance company.

A catastrophic failure of a component (the supply line to your ice maker, the water supply into your refrigerator) if that broke and leaked onto your floor,  or  if a supply line were to break, or a  fitting were to come apart, these are typically covered by your home owner’s insurance policy.

The basement, however, seems to be a grey area on home owner’s insurance policies.  We advise you to read over and understand this part of your policy.

On every homeowner’s insurance policy is a declaration.  This is usually where you’ll find all of the coverages to your policy.  Remember, an insurance policy is a contract.  You’re either covered or you’re not.  Be sure to read over your policy before an emergency strikes.  If you are unsure or are confused by the policy, contact your insurance agent to go over the policy so that you are clearly aware of what is covered and what isn’t. Take a look at some of our reviews on google. Our specialty is helping clients in a time of need and urgency – we understand insurance. Education is key when it comes to insurance.