Disinfecting High Contact Surfaces

Sanitizing and Disinfecting High Contact Surfaces

Disinfecting High Contact Surfaces

Based on the information we know, disinfecting high-contact surfaces is a huge step to prevent the spread of germs.  However, this is not a complete solution.  Microorganisms are killed by surface disinfectants but this defense does not last. 

Surfaces can easily be recontaminated as soon as anyone who has not washed or sanitized their hands touches these surfaces.  Germs and viruses can also linger in the air and recontaminate surfaces as the germ lands on the surface.

Recognizing the shortcomings, the University of Arizona researchers are evaluating non-toxic, antiviral surface coatings.  The University is looking to determine their extended effectiveness against the environmental spread of diseases.  “The only tools we have currently in reducing the environmental spread of viruses via surfaces are hand sanitizer, hand washing, and the disinfection of surfaces,” said Charles Gerba, a microbiologist, and professor of environmental science in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  In a story written by Rosemary Brandt at the U of A website,”This technology creates a new barrier in controlling the spread of viruses in indoor environments.”  

Gerba goes on to say: “Antimicrobial coatings could provide an additional means of protection, reducing the spread of coronaviruses in indoor environments and public places where there is continuous contamination,” Gerba said. “We’re evaluating a number of products right now and believe it may be the next major breakthrough in environmental infection control.” (Read more here).

Gerba isn’t alone in that belief, as this research suggests: Two centers of excellence of the global virus network independently verify an antimicrobial technology that eradicates SARS-COV-2 on surfaces for more than six weeks.

Finding new, safer protocols to control the spread of diseases is extremely important.  As schools and businesses in our state struggle with reopening or staying open during this coronavirus pandemic this research will be a game-changer.  We also know that chemical cleaners pose health risks to those handling them.  These cleaners also pose health risks to those who are in the constantly treated areas.  Chemically-sensitive persons as well as those with asthma know all too well the struggle with chemical cleaners and the health risk it poses to themselves.  Environmental health experts remind us that we cannot rely too heavily on these cleaners.  These cleaners are not good for people nor the environment.  

At CCS Property Services we take all of this into consideration.  We currently use a safe environmentally friendly product for all of our disinfecting work.  This is a hospital and food grade CDC approved sanitizer.  However, we continue to stay abreast of new solutions coming from the research currently being done.  It’s important for us to keep you, your family, and your employees safe.  It’s also important to continue to disinfect high contact surfaces. 

If you have questions on how to implement a CDC approved disinfecting protocol into your business, give us a call.  For more information check out this link. We’ll be happy to help.  Call us today at 920.435.2288 for all your disinfecting needs.