I Don’t Know Why I Have Mold?

appleton mold removal, remediation, and cleanup services by CCS Property ServicesSome of the most frequently asked questions we receive when people call us about mold removal, remediation and cleanup is, “I don’t know why I have mold?”

Mold comes in many different forms and is around us in the air. There is no escaping mold but there are certain steps you can take to prevent mold from growing. Mold issues are commonly seen in these three areas.

Attic Mold:

Attics are a place where mold can grow and because this is not typically an area that is frequented often, can go unnoticed for very long periods of time. Mold only takes 24-72 hours to start growing on surfaces and expand. The most common reason for mold in the attic is that the bathroom vent is not properly vented to the exterior of the home. The vent is venting moist air into the attic area and moisture is what causes mold to grow on objects. Proper ventilation and air flow through the attic will help maintain a healthy attic where mold cannot grow.

Basement Mold:

Another area where mold is commonly located is in the basement. The main reason for this is lack of air movement. If the mold spores are able to attach to a source and can sit there in a damp, dark location, they will grow. The other cause of this is no dehumidification. Basements tend to be damp. The ground keeps your basement cooler in the summer and with no dehumidification, or air movement, the basement has a higher moisture level. The dampness or higher moisture is the perfect growing ecosystem for mold.

Water Leakage Causing Mold:

The next most common cause of why you have mold is a water leak. Leakage can come from many sources. A crack or pinhole in a water line that drips slowly, pipe connections for water lines that may wear down, an appliance that has a small leak that may not be overly noticeable…All of these create a slow, small water leak that isn’t necessarily seen on an everyday basis. The water leakage is then causing excess moisture in your home. Check your water lines and appliances frequently to prevent this type of damage.

By being diligent about checking over and maintaining your property, you can minimize mold growth. However, if you do find yourself with mold, our technicians are experts in mold removal, remediation, and cleanup. This is something we do every day and are here to help you keep your property preserved. For more information on mold, please see our Mold Frequently Asked Questions Page on our website. If you have additional questions or need us to come to your property, call us at 920.435.2288 to schedule your appointment today.