Water Damage or Sewer Backups Happen – Fast Action to Cleanup is the Key

Water Damage and Sewer Backups from Property located in Green Bay WisconsinWater damage, sewer backups, these are the plights all homeowners may face at one time or another. Recently CCS Property Services was called to a water emergency at a home located in the Green Bay area. Luckily for the homeowner, this was caught very early.  Cleanup was fast and the job was much easier to contain due to how quickly the homeowner responded to the sewer backup.

From the photos, you can see there was water and sewage that filled a small portion of the basement. A sewer backup was the cause of this issue. Our team quickly removed contaminated debris from the homeowner’s basement. CCS Property Services then washed, scrubbed, and sanitized the floor and any contents they could.   After the flooring and contents were clean and sanitized, we then use fans and dehumidifiers to dry the area.

By containing the water damage quickly, the customer did not sustain much damage. By handling the situation correctly the homeowner can feel a peace that the property was sanitized properly and will not cause issues later on.

If you find yourself in a similar situation with water damage or sewer backups, please feel free to call CCS Property Services.   The headquarters of CCS  Property Services is in Green Bay, Wisconsin. However, we serve Northeast Wisconsin with any water emergency or mold removal and remediation needs. For more information on water emergency cleanup, you can view our webpage here.  Call us at 920.435.2288 to help.