Tips to Prevent Impending Flooding in Green Bay Wisconsin and Surrounding Areas

As our weather warms and the rain starts to fall in Green Bay, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas, flooding is a concern. Saturated soil from the previous summer and fall along with higher water levels creates a perfect storm for flooding to occur in Green Bay.

CCS Property Services, LLC announces tips to help prevent flooding of your home or business.

Test Your Sump Pump

  • Make sure your sump pump is plugged in
  • Sump pumps should be tested regularly to make sure they are in proper working order. To do this, pour water into your sump pump’s
  • Install a dual sump pump
  • Confirm you have sump pump failure insurance in your home’s homeowner insurance policy

At CCS, we suggest installing a dual sump pump. This way, if your first sump pump fails there will be a second sump pump to do the work. We also suggest that this second sump pump has a battery backup. Sump pumps can go for a long period of time not having to do any work.

As water tables rise and the pump is put to work, it is working full-time, kicking on and off. Thus it can get a pretty heavy workout in a short period of time when we go through rainy seasons. If the first pump fails or we receive a heavy storm knocking out the electricity, the water level may rise up above that first pump. With the second pump in place and on a battery pack, this gives more security. The battery on the second pump should hold you over while electricity is being restored to your property while protecting your home.

Check Your Home for Drainage Issues

  • Clean out rain gutters and downspouts
  • Make sure water can flow through your rain gutter and downspouts without blockage
  • Downspouts should be long enough to divert water away from your home or businesses foundation

Keeping your basement dry in spring is an important chore for homeowners. The function of rain gutters and downspouts is so that when water (rain or melting snow) hits your roof it flows down into the rain gutter and into the downspout. The downspout then carries the water away from the foundation of your house by 10 feet. In a perfect scenario, the system works great and keeps water from the foundation of your home.

Keep an Eye on Water Levels Around Your Home or Business

  • See if there is any way to divert the water away from your foundation
  • Make sure your sump pump is working
  • Be sure to be proactive, if you feel your home is at risk, move your basement or crawl space items up to a safe space
  • Raise furniture up by placing them on 2x4s
  • Check out the latest in SMART devices to stop leaking and flooding in your home or business.

If your area is prone to basement flooding due to heavy rains and saturated ground, prepare your basement belongings. Look for ways to protect anything you keep in your basement that you’d like to save and keep. Look to store items up and off the ground, even if it’s a few inches. Plastic storage crates are also much better than cardboard boxes. If you have furniture in the basement, look to put 2 x 4 boards underneath the legs of furniture to raise the items by two inches off the ground. Unplug any electronics and make sure cords are not dangling on the floor. If you do have a flood and receive water damage, here are three things you need to do immediately.

With a little prevention, you can safeguard your biggest investment. We’ve seen the flooding in Green Bay each year and are here to help you with any water extraction needs you may have. We are available 24/7 for water extraction emergencies. Call us at 920.435.2288