Preventing Mold In The Winter

Preventing Mold Growth in the Winter

Winter is coming With moisture, there can be mold. Mold is in the air, especially for those of us in the north.  Mold is a year round fungus and loves temperatures between 60-80 degrees.  Moisture and organic material also need to be present for the fungi to grow.  In homes and businesses these requirements exist […]

HEPA Filter Being Used at Home for CCS Property Services During Mold Abatement Process

What is Mold Abatement, Mold Removal and/or Mold Remediation?

Abatement means the ending, reduction, or lessening of something. With that definition, Mold Abatement means the ending of mold or removing mold from your home or business. Remediation means the action of remedying something, in particular of reversing or stopping environmental damage. When we use the terms mold abatement, mold removal or mold remediation, we […]