Roof Ice Dams Occurring Right Now in Wisconsin

snow covered roof causing roof ice dams - ccs property servicesRoof Ice Dams are happening right now in Wisconsin due to the weather. We have freezing temps but we are starting to warm up above the freezing mark during the daytime. At this point with the freezing and thawing temps most homeowners have ice in their rain gutters and downspouts. The snow and ice will melt on the roof in the sun and run down the roof line to the rain gutters. However, rain gutters fill with ice so the water will back up into the shingles into the house. If it doesn’t backup, it will most likely leak over the top and the water will drop down by the foundation possibly leaking into your basement.

What is a Roof Ice Dam?

Roof Ice Dams occur when the melting water is flowing down the roof but it can’t go any further. The water gets underneath the ice that’s on top of the first courses of shingles going up and then backs up underneath the shingles. Shingles are designed for water to flow off of them. Once they are submerged in water, the water can come back up underneath the shingle and get into the house.

ice dams cleaned from roof and gutter in wisconsin

The other day we had a homeowner call as water was dripping into her kitchen. The water dripping into her kitchas was due to a roof ice dam.  We physically removed the ice from the roof and rain gutters to allow proper flowage. After that task had been completed, we then dried the area where the water damage occurred. Homeowner’s insurance policies usually have coverage for this type of peril. Typically, a catastrophic event caused by nature is covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy.   We encourage you to always double check and understand your insurance policy but it would be unusual if it was not covered. If you are unsure, check your policy’s weather peril section. If you still aren’t sure, call your insurance professional.

Can You Help Me with My Roof?

CCS Property Services is a water damage restoration and mold removal remediation company located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. If you have suspicions of ice dams forming and need help, give us a call at 920.435.2288.  We can come out and help break up and clean up the ice dams before water damage begins.

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