Mold Remediation in Wisconsin

The thought of mold growing in your home can be a scary thought. But, did you know that mold is all around us? There is mold everywhere and once you can understand what it is and how it grows, you can learn how to prevent it.

Mold requires three things: mold spores, moisture, and an organic food. The best chance of prohibiting mold growth is through the control of moisture. Areas like bathrooms, showers, kitchens, etc. where moisture easily accumulates need to be well ventilated and cleaned on a regular basis so that mold has no chance to begin growing. An entire home needs to have adequate ventilation so that air does not become stagnate and humidity cannot build up condensation.

We suggest looking around your home, learn where the excess moisture is coming from…a leaky pipe, a crack in a foundation wall, some other source. Then, either fix the issue or call in a professional to help you fix the source of the additional moisture.

The second step is to dry the area. Drying the area could be with dehumidifiers, fans, and/or with commercial grade air scrubbers. It depends on the job and how big it is. Again, you can do this piece yourself or call in professionals that have the commercial grade equipment.

The third step after the area is dry is to assess the area that was affected and to remove the damaged items. Some items may need to be thrown away while others may be able to be cleaned and reused.
As professionals, we can and do work with home owners on all three of these steps to correct the source, dry the area, then assess and fix what was damaged.

CCS Property Services corporate headquarters is located in Green Bay.  However,  we do travel to all of the surrounding areas throughout the state of Wisconsin. Remember, if you see mold or smell mold; you have mold. We offer a FREE mold assessment and will walk through the property with you to assess the situation. Call us at 920.435.2288. We look forward to helping get the job corrected.

To view other frequently asked questions, please see our FAQ Mold section on our website.