Home Inspection Repair Services

Brokers Have You Ever Had a Home Inspection Report Hold Up a Sale?

That’s where Home Inspection Repair Services from CCS Property Services can and will solve that issue.  CCS Property Services, a licensed general contractor serving Wisconsin since 1991 provides a single source to remedy any flaw listed on the inspection report that will prevent a home from closing on time.

Realtors love this service because we make it simple.  Avoid the potentially high cost of “minimum charge” service calls typically charged by plumbers, electricians, carpenters, roofers and other contractors when you source individually.

Avoid the hassle of calling multiple contractors.  One call is all you need!  CCS Property Services provides a single source for all home repairs.

  • One Call to Fix it All
  • Avoid Multiple Minimum Charges from Contractors
  • We Follow HUD Pricing Guidelines
  • Email Your Failed Home Inspection Report to Us at ccsllc@ccspps.com
  • Call Us For More Info at 920.435.2288


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Click the Button below and Email us Your Home Inspection Report.  We’ll be happy to give you a free estimate for the work required to satisfy the Home Inspection Report.
To make things even easier in the future, please download the CCS Property Services App.  You can enter all of the information needed onto our App and even take pictures of the items needing to be repaired.