Grilling Season – Keeping Yourself, Your Family and Property Safe

It’s Grilling Season or if your like a lot of us, maybe you grill all year long.  But are your grilling safety habits in check?  Over 8,900 home fires are started due to poor grilling safety.  This grilling season, it’s important to keep yourself, your family and your property safe.  Below is a video from the National Fire Protection Association giving us some fire safety tips when it comes to grilling.  How many of these do you practice faithfully?

At CCS Property, we want you to take fire safety seriously.  We’ve seen the damage fires cause firsthand.  It’s always better to take precautions to keep everyone and your home safe.  It’s easy for fires to get out of hand quickly so make sure you follow these precautions and stay alert at all times.

The info graphic below from the shows some interesting facts when it comes to BBQ grills.  It’s hard to believe that so many home fires and personal injuries are caused due to grilling.   Let’s help each other get those numbers down by following the safety guidelines and always reading your owner’s manual for your grill.

Grilling Season Safety - Info graphic from

Be prepared, take the proper precautions, and enjoy this grilling season.

Download a Grilling Safety Tip Checklist Sheet.