It’s time to check your insurance policy – flooded basements and water damage

CCS-Property-Services-high-water-flooded-basements-water-damageSpring time in Wisconsin is ripe for flooded basements. The water tables are high due to the rain and that means sump pumps are running full speed ahead to keep up. Most times out of the year your sump pump isn’t running and it is able to sit idly without having to work too hard. But then the rain comes, the water tables rise, and your sump pump gets geared up to do its job. Then wham, something happens and the poor pump runs out of steam. The water starts to seep into your basement and before you know it, you have a flooded basement. The water damage has started and you call your insurance company. Low and behold you find your insurance policy will not cover the water damage due to a faulty sump pump.

At CCS Property Services, we’re getting lots of calls for flooded basements and what we find is that many homeowners were unaware that their insurance policy will not cover the water damage due to the failure of the sump pump. We also find that many sump pumps fail right when you need them most. Why, because your sump pump isn’t typically running constantly.  Then, during this time of year it’s needed to work pretty frequently. This can be hard on the pump and the mechanics of the pump wear out.

Typically you don’t know your insurance policy until you need that insurance policy. Most people are purchasing their insurance policies based on pricing and thinking it’s a great deal. In reality, it’s not a great deal if the coverage isn’t there when you need it. Recently we had a call come in and the person not only had a homeowner’s insurance policy but they also had an umbrella policy. Unfortunately at the very bottom of the policy, there it was…damage caused by failure of a sump pump is not covered. Don’t let this happen to you. Flooded basements and the damage caused can add up quickly. Make sure you check your insurance policy for proper coverage for flooding and that it includes the sump pump, broken pipes and seepage!