Fall Roof Maintenance Checklist

Fall Roof Maintenance Checklist from CCS Property ServicesFall is here again and with a little bit of preparation in this good weather, you’ll be able to keep your home in tip-top shape when the weather starts to change. Between the falling rain, the coming winter snow, and freezing ice, damage to your roof can add up quickly.  Small repairs that are put off can turn into water damage to your roofing sheets or attic trusses. Water damage that goes unnoticed for days or weeks can then turn into mold damage. At CCS, we see this all too often. So that’s why we’ve put together a Fall Roof Maintenance Checklist to help you make sure you’ve got yourself covered.

Every fall and spring you should check your roof for any damage that has occurred during the last 6 months.  Start by checking the shingles to make sure they are in good shape and still attached. Replace any that are missing or damaged to prevent leaks that will in turn create water damage. Walk around the chimney and check the flashing at the wall and the vent to make sure it is in place and secure. Check the joints where a seal may be broken and if any gaps, be sure to caulk and seal with roofing cement. Make sure any vents and openings are covered properly to prevent animals, birds, or insects from getting in.

Next, check and clean your rain gutters. Avoid leaks and pooling water by cleaning your rain gutters. Also, be sure your rain gutters are attached securely to your home. The next piece to check on your rain gutters is to make sure they are long enough and divert the water away from the foundation of your home. It’s even possible that you need to add an additional gutter to your home to help with the issues of water in your basement. Pooling water near your foundation due to poor diversion in a large rain storm or during the spring thaw will easily create water seepage and water damage in your basement.

Last but not least, take a walk around the exterior of your home and look at the trees surrounding it. Remove any branches that are hanging over your home. This allows animals and pests to easily get to your roof. Remember, they want a warm place to reside during the winter too. Remove any dead tree branches at this time. You do not want the tree branches to come down during a storm and damage your roof or rain gutters.

If you are unable to physically do any of these repairs yourself, call in a professional. It’s always less expensive to do minor repairs than to fix something that has become a much larger issue. By going through this fall roof maintenance checklist, you’ll be sure to stay on top of your home maintenance to-do’s and keep roof and water damage at bay.

If you have any questions in regards to water or mold damage caused by situations not corrected properly, please give us a call at 920.435.2288. Our team of professionals will give you an estimate to repair and correct any issues you may encounter.

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