Preparing for Spring Storms in Northeast Wisconsin

Preparing for Spring Storms in Northeast Wisconsin

Spring storms in Northeast Wisconsin…This season we’ve already had one bout of spring thaw and rain causing flooding and water damage to homes and businesses in Northeast Wisconsin.  Today we focus on preparing for spring storms.  We know we are unable to control mother nature but we definitely can plan for it.  After all, spring […]

protect your basement from flooding

Keeping Your Basement Dry in Spring

Keeping your basement dry in spring is an important chore for homeowners.  The function of rain gutters and downspouts is so that when water (rain or melting snow) hits your roof it flows down into the rain gutter and into the downspout.  The downspout  then carries the water away from the foundation of your house by […]

roof ice dams create water emergencies

Roof Ice Dams Occurring Right Now in Wisconsin

Roof Ice Dams are happening right now in Wisconsin due to the weather. We have freezing temps but we are starting to warm up above the freezing mark during the daytime. At this point with the freezing and thawing temps most homeowners have ice in their rain gutters and downspouts. The snow and ice will […]