Alleviating Bathroom Shower Mold: Here’s a Checklist

Mold, black spots, greenish brown spots, it’s the stuff nightmares are made of. In every home there comes a time when a person may see mold in their bathroom shower. About 20% of the calls we receive at CCS Property Service are questions on what to do with mold in the bathroom shower. The bad news is that there is a mold issue, the good news is that most of the time it’s pretty easy to handle on your own. Mold mitigation can be done by the home owner, or CCS Property Service. Just for you, the home owner, we’ve put together this quick little bathroom shower mold checklist to help you know if you should tackle it yourself. When mold has taken over, and you need a mold specialist, contact CCS Property Service.

Shower or Bathroom Mold Checklist

Bathroom/Shower Mold Checklist

1) Is the mold on the shower or tub area?
2) Is the shower or tub a hard surface area like tile or molded plastic/fiberglass?
3) If yes to the above questions, in most cases it’s simply cleaning the area with an anti-microbial cleaner. These anti-microbial cleaners can be found at Home Depot, Menards, Ace Hardware stores or any other local home improvement store in your area.
4) If the mold is ingrained into your woodwork or drywall, you’ll need to call in the professionals.
5) If you believe water has been getting into the back side and behind the walls from a leak or improper sealing, you’ll need to call in the professionals.

After you’ve cleaned the bathroom shower area, the next question is how do I keep the mold from coming back? Mold needs moisture, warmth and organic material to grow.

Prevent mold in your bathroom by following these steps:

1) Maintain airflow in the bathroom with a good exhaust fan to take the excess moisture out
2) Open a window a crack to allow the excess moisture out of the bathroom
3) Use a squeegee to remove excess water from the shower stall
4) After showers keep doors open and exhaust fans running to help dry out the area
5) Clean the shower/tub area thoroughly each week

Anti-microbial cleaners help protect your hard surfaces from mold. Continue to clean your bathroom shower area once each week with the anti-microbial cleaner. Mold mitigation can keep your home free of mold. If for some reason this does not fix the situation, give us a call. There may be more going on than meets the eye at the surface level.

For all your mold removal needs, call CCS Property Services. We’ve been helping customers for over 20 years. 920.435.2288

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