Basement Water Issues

basement-water-rain-green-bay-water-restoration-ccs-property-servicesWith all the rain we’ve received in the last few weeks and moisture in the air, now is the time to keep your eye on your basement. For some people, they have been hit with actual flooding in their basement. For others, it could be just extra dampness from the rain soaking into the ground. Either way, this is the perfect environment for mold to grow.

Mold spores are in the air and in order for mold to grow, mold needs organic material and moisture. So whether it’s boxes, furniture, or clothing, if there is too much moisture in your basement, these organic materials are a prime growing area for the mold spores. The spores will settle onto the organic materials and the darkness and dampness allow the spores to grow. It only takes 24-72 hours for mold spores to grow and double creating an unwanted result.

Take a few minutes and inspect your basement. Does it smell musty? Does it feel damp? If the answer is yes, it’s time to fix the source of the moisture and work on prevention of future mold issues. You want to protect your investment. At CCS Property Services we offer a FREE Mold Assessment. We will do a walk through inspecting your basement and identify the source of the moisture so that the issue can be fixed. From here we will work with you on a plan for cleanup and prevention to keep your home a healthy home.

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