8 Water Damage Restoration Tips

Water Damage Restoration WisconsinWater Damage a cringe worthy phrase…if you find yourself in a situation where water damage has occurred and there is flooding in your home or business, these 8 Water Damage Restoration Tips will help you start the process of remediating your situation.

1) Find the Source

Find the source causing the water damage. If it is a broken pipe, shut off your water to your home to stop the water flow. If it is from flooding, you may not be able to stop the source until the rain or natural disaster has calmed.

2) Disconnect and Unplug Electronics

If it is safe and you are able to, disconnect the power to the water damaged area of your home or business. Unplug and move electronic equipment out of harm’s way and to a dry space.

3) Remove Items that are Easily Removable

If an item in the affected area is easy to remove, do so. Remove carpeting and under padding along with area rugs and furniture. Dry these contents as quickly as possible. Most likely no matter how quickly you act, the under padding from carpet will most likely need to be disposed of.

4) Get Rid of the Water in the Affected Area

Depending on how bad and how flooded the area is will depend upon how you get rid of the water. Using buckets to remove the water, towels to mop up the area, or pumps are all reasonable options depending upon the situation.

5) Dry Out the Contents and the Affected Area

Drying the contents and the water damage area is an urgent matter. It only takes mold 48-72 hours to start growing. Moisture is one of molds key ingredients for growth so it’s important to dry everything. Using fans and dehumidifiers will help dry the area faster.

6) Disinfect

Disinfect the contents and the area.

7) Prevent Mold Growth

After the area and contents have been disinfected, let the area dry out again. Because mold spores are everywhere, it’s vitally important to use an antimicrobial product on surfaces and contents that were affected. The antimicrobial product will help prevent future mold growth.

8) Dispose of Damaged Property Responsibly

It’s important to dispose of the damaged property and contents correctly.  Recycle products appropriately and do not just throw toxic items into the dumpster.

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