Mold Testing Services

mold testing services wisconsinDoes the thought of mold in your home or business send chills up and down your spine?  Do you see or smell mold in your home or business?  Is the humidity level 60% or higher?  Is someone in the home or at work getting sick and can’t quite determine what it is?  If the answer is yes, you may very well have a mold issue.  If you are concerned and not sure what to do, mold testing may be what you need completed.  At CCS Property Services, we provide mold testing services throughout the state of Wisconsin to both residential and business properties.

CCS provides two ways in which to test for mold.  The first is an indoor air quality test.  This test is by far the most intensive and inclusive test that can be done.  Keep in mind that mold spores are everywhere.  Because mold spores are found outside your building and inside, three samples are taken.  Each of the three samples are taken in separate areas, usually 4 ft from the exterior outside, the suspect area, and another area within the house or business. These sample are then sent to the laboratory for analysis and are compared to measure concentration levels.  This test will also indicate what type of mold is present.

The second test that can be taken is a swab test which is a less expensive option.  Swab mold testing is taking a random sample in the area where mold is seen.  This type of test shows results immediately, however, it only shares if the area tested is positive or negative for mold.  It does not give us the type of mold that is present.

Having mold in your home or business can cause serious issues especially for those that have sensitive respiratory symptoms or have compromised immune systems.  If you are experiencing a mold issue, we first look to see what is causing the mold to grow.  It’s important to find the source and remedy the situation so that after the mold has been removed it will not come back.  Due to the dangerous nature of mold, it should be treated and corrected following procedures issued by State and Federal guidelines.

Because every situation is different, CCS provides a Free Mold Assessment before any testing occurs.  Identifying the source of the mold growth, identifying the extent of mold and other underlying factors needs to happen first.  Then mold testing services can be discussed and what is best for your situation.

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